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"After 30 years of the same workout routines and built up aches & pains, I hired Agnes to change my game. She assessed my base capability and then over a matter of weeks transformed my fitness to be a more useful combination of endurance, strength AND balance/agility.

I learned that a very challenging cardio workout is easily achieved without equipment or running. This is very useful when traveling!

Each week she brought some new exercises, which made it interesting and truly whole body.

Oh, and after six months or so my old aches and pains subsided....bonus benefit!

A great experience!"

Chuck G., White Lake, MI

"I started working with Agnes after surgery and rehab. She was just what the doctor ordered! She made adjustments for my physical condition. We worked hard every session but it was fun. She was patient and genuinely happy for my progress. We made a great team. I still hear her inspiring words "Bravo Debra"."

Debra W., Commerce Township, MI

"I was very lucky to find a trainer that is professional, enthusiastic, supportive and can come to my house for training. Agnes showed me the way how to loose body fat, tone muscles and get stronger without spending hours at the gym. Cardio/Strength interval program now is my favorite! I am really pleased about the results!...i feel motivated, energized and more confident. Thank you Agnes!"

Diane K., Milford, MI

"I have been working with Agnes for about 8 months to help me build strength and to lose weight. She is very professional. She came in and measured many body parameters and now we keep track of progress. She meets you at scheduled time and gives you a full hour of work out! She is cordial, still makes sure that you get the fullest benefit. She comes prepared and brings a chart of whole body exercise. She then works with you and encourages you - but will make sure you complete the steps. She is a charm and an hour with her passes quickly.
I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Personal Trainer."

Roger R., Novi, MI

"I hired Agnes for six weeks to mix up my workout routines and learn new routines. Agnes is very personable, professional, knowledgeable, patient, and attentive. Her prices are very reasonable and her location is excellent. The studio is newly renovated and beautiful. Agnes demonstrates each exercise and takes the time to answer all of your questions.
I would highly recommend her and hope to train again with her soon."

Mary C., Canton, MI

"I greatly enjoy sessions with Agnes! She does her research (for a health condition that I have), gets to know her clients, and designs workouts specific to the individual's goals. She also is very kind - I am a total amateur, but Agnes coaches me through everything so patiently. I leave feeling strengthened and energized!"

Colleen F., Wixom, MI

"Agnes is an amazing person and trainer. I like that she really seems to care and adjust your workouts for your own personal level of fitness. I have much to lose, but I really feel good and motivated every time after a workout, and it gets me through the day.
I would highly recommend her."

Michelle S., Farmington Hills, MI

"I've now had 2 sessions with Agnes and found her to be a great trainer. As someone recovering from an ankle injury, she impressed me with her ability to push me to my limits, without compromising my healing process. Great personality and drive for results...and reasonably priced for in home visits. Highly recommended!"

Sondra P., Novi, MI

"Agnes is Amazing, she has the perfect balance of being able to push you to get the most out of your workout without screaming at you. My weekly sessions are something I look forward to every week. Agnes really cares about getting you healthy and has knowledge of overall health and diet you should be maintaining with the workout she provides you. I never have the same workout twice, she takes the time to plan a new workout each time.
I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer."

Nicole A., Wixom, MI

"Agnes provided me with distance training, consulting and nutrition work. It was by far the most useful professional health and fitness training i've ever engaged in. Didn't know things could work so well as long as you're doing the right stuff, eating right and being consistent. If you really want real results and results that you are able to maintain for the long term, contact her NOW. My body has been the same for almost a year now. Thank you Agnes!"

Keatron E., Chicago, IL

"Agnes,is a true professional. Excellent attention paid to our patient. She is flexible with our schedule and goes out of her way to accommodate our needs! Glad we found her!
Highly recommend."

Tricia G., Whitemore Lake, MI

"I have been training with Agnes for almost 3 months now, and believe that she is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I am taking two personal training sessions per week and really enjoy the variety and challenge she put into this sessions.
She is extremely reliable and punctual - always set up and ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned.
I would definitely recommended Agnes for people who wish to achieve their fitness goals."

Ratna G., Novi, MI

"Agnes is excellent to work with. She is experienced and created a program that is specific to my needs. I'm so glad to be working with her."

Simone B., Commerce Township, MI

"Agnes is very pleasant to work with. She is knowledgeable, and has been excellent about adapting her routine and exercises to accommodate my goals and concerns.

I highly recommend her!"

Danielle M., Milford, MI

"Agnes has been a pleasure for us to train with. She took the time to listen to our concerns and fitness requests and has since done an excellent job creating fun, yet challenging workouts to help us meet those goals. Thanks Agnes!"

Elizabeth S., Northville, MI

"Agnes is a great trainer! She's very reliable and will help you get in great shape on a schedule that works with yours!!"

Jolie A., Wixom, MI

"Having never worked with a trainer I can say without a doubt it has been a great experience. Agnes really takes the time to listen to her clients and hear their concerns & what they want to accomplish. Agnes explains with a clear understanding how to execute each exercise correctly and what muscle group are being used. I look forward to my workout with Agnes because each time it is never the same. I would highly recommend Agnes to anyone."

Jill K, Milford, MI

"I've been working with Agnes for almost 4 months and have seen amazing results in building my muscles. Agnes is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She is very flexible and reasonably priced in home visits. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer.
Thank you Agnes, you are the best!"

Nagendra S., Novi, MI

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